Who enjoys related rights?

Three groups of people or organisations, that enjoy related rights:

Performers such as the singer of a song;

Producers of recordings such as record companies;

Broadcasting Organisations

The rights of performers are recognised because their creative intervention is necessary to give life to musical works, dramatic and choreographic works and motion pictures. Also, they have a justifiable interest in legal protection of their individual interpretations.

The rights of producers of recordings are recognised because their creative, financial and organisational resources are necessary to make recorded sound available to the public in the form of commercial tapes, cassettes, CDs, Mini Discs, etc. They also have a legitimate interest in having the legal resources necessary to take action against unauthorised uses, whether it be through the making and distribution of unauthorised copies (piracy) or in the form of unauthorised broadcast or communication to the public of their tapes etc.

Likewise, the rights of broadcasting organisations are recognised because of their role in making works available to the public, and in light of their justified interest in controlling the transmission and retransmission of their broadcasts.


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